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Looking for a custom made Stake Bed Body?
 We build truck beds for all sizes of trucks.

Above Pictures: One of our many trucks at the beginning stage of having a bed installed. Come down to our shop today to see what we can do for YOU!

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Customized Flatbeds

Looking for a flatbed body? We can build a flatbed to standard sizes or a flatbed custom made for your truck. The bodies come standard with the following specs:

a) 50/50 Steel reinforced bulkhead

b) Rope Hooks

c) Apitong hardwood floors (steel floors optional)

d) Heavy duty dock bumpers (hitches optional)

e) Fleming or Galleher frame rails & crossmembers

f) Primed and painted black or white

g) Chassis and all safety lights

h) Mud flaps

i) Installed on your cab and chassis

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Customized Dumps

Looking for a new 12' Stakebed Dump? We can build the stakebed dump per your specs. We are a proud distributor of the Rugby hoist. All stakebed bodies come with the following:

a) 50/50 reinforced bulkhead

b) heavy duty dock bumper

c) Rope hooks

d) Apitong hardwood floor

e) Smooth or Diamond plate floor (optional)

f) Slatted or solid stake sides

g) Mud Flaps

h) Chassis and all legal lights

i) Body to meet all safety and legal

j) Installation Included

Convert your 1 ton or Super Duty cab and chassis. We give trade in credits for your old used body.

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